Inspiring, Thought Provoking, Innovative, Dynamic!

Ronald Goldstein“Rhonda is a well informed and capable consultant as well as an excellent speaker.”Dr. Ronald Goldstein, partner, Goldstein, Garber and Salama, LLC
Pinhas Adar“It has been a true pleasure to know Rhonda for many years and share the stage with her during a presentation to raise money for a breast cancer event. She is an amazing speaker and trainer who is capable of coupling personal growth with professional development with any dental team. Rhonda is one of those people who engage others with sincere interest and by doing so reveals her truly genuine character.”Pinhas Adar, CEO of Adar International, Inc

Rhonda Mullins is a speaker, consultant, and inspirer! She presents a core message when lecturing: Care Driven® Management is the foundational truth in key areas of dentistry: clinical aptitude, management efficiency, culture change, financial profits and transition options. As CEO of RHONDA MULLINS/RHO Global Inc., an Atlanta-based firm, she is committed to achieve “Optimum Outcome” in all aspects of business for her audiences.

Rhonda presents customized lectures to fit as 1-hour, 3-hour or all day events. She has presented for thousands of dental meetings, associations, universities, study clubs and focused dental groups:

The Kois Center
The Dawson Center
LD Pankey Institute
Kois Study Club
Atlanta Study Club
Seattle Study Club
Hinman Dental Society
Tennessee Dental Association
North Carolina Dental Association
South Carolina Dental Association
University of Kentucky Dental School
University of Tennessee Dental School
Medical College of Georgia Dental School
Tufts Dental School
American Academy of  Cosmetic Dentistry
Georgia Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
Minnesota Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
American Academy of Management Consultants
American Association of Women Dentists
The Smile Group – DSO
Mid West Dental – DSO
Scaling Up Excellence – DSO, Founders
Benco Dental Nashville
Dental Sales Academy

Kois Center – Graduate and Member
Kois Atlanta Study Club – Founding Member
Seattle Study Clubs – Speaker
University of Pittsburgh’s Center for Dental Informatics – Research
Medical College of Georgia Dental School
American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Member and Professional Education Committee Board Member 2016-2017
Georgia Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (Past President 2012, Board Member)
American Academy Dental Assisting Foundation – Board Member
Academy of Dental Management Consultants (ADMC)
American Academy Dental Assisting Foundation – Board Member
Blue IQ – Advisory Board
AACD Affiliate Committee
AACD Professional Education Committee Board

Capacity to Deliver

Rhonda is “WORLD CLASS” in practice development strategies. Whether you experience her as a Speaker, Consultant, or Coach Extraordinaire, you, your team and your business will be T R A N S F O R M E D.

Nancy Norling“Great is better than Good! Great content, Great energy, Great Inspiration for our Team.”Nancy Norling, Accredited Fellow of the AACD, Minnesota Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry President
Eddie Pafford“I have heard Rhonda lecture several times and she has delivered information that gives her a “thumbs up” from her audiences. I also know of several clients who are very happy with the results she has helped them achieve with their businesses.”Eddie Pafford – Owner, Paul E. Pafford, DMD, PC

Rhonda brings years of expertise and the endorsement of satisfied clients and strategic accomplishments to her position as CEO of VISTA PRO INC., an Atlanta based consulting firm. As a “WORLD CLASS” expert in the dental industry, she can create, motivate and develop you, your people and your business.

Here’s what sets her apart:

  • Clinically: from her role as a L. D. Pankey and Dawson trained technician/ lab owner. Also, participating in the Kois Center Curriculum for added benefits and wisdom in establishing and integrating Interdisciplinary Team, Care, Customers Service and Optimum Outcome Results for her clients and their customers.
  • Managerially: from managing over 100 million dollars in revenue in the last 4 years, seeing increases up to 70% gross collections for clients through sound business models, metrics, and mentoring.
  • Transitionally: from being the first transition management analyst of the largest dental brokerage firm in the country in the ’90’s, is still relevant in today’s market. Generating over 1 million in sales in 9 months.
  • Financially: from increasing her customers profit margins and being cognizant of the ROI in the shortest period of time for sustainable and incremental growth.

Expertise in Topics for Lectures and Speaking Events


  • KNOW GROW SCALE: Top 3 Elements for Empire Building
  • Dentistry Re-Designed 21st Century Momentum for the Solopreneur and Dentrepreneur®
  • Disrupt or Be Disrupted: Dentists Creating Independent Groups
  • Prep for Purchase – “Game On”!
  • Top 3 Keywords! Women “Rock Stars” in Dentistry: GIVE, GROW, GUTS!
  • Talent Management: Leading Team Performance
  • Humble, Hungry and Smart – Power Players
  • Creating Top Performance Teams: Thinkers and Doers
  • Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast! Why?
  • Marketing, Brand Awareness and Insistence
  • The Significance of “He and She” of Success!
  • The Great Divide: Personal and Professional Growth
  • Happy Hour “Heights” in Leadership
  • 10 Keys: Life “Hits” Overwhelm, Leaders “Overcome”
  • Excellence in New Patient Experiences Every Day!
  • KOIS Centric Care Integration (Multi-Disciplinary Culture) – Practicing with Like-Minded People

…She Delivers!