Improving the profitability of your practice is shaped around service and marketing principals in dentistry today: Marketing, Management and Money are three key business fundamentals that measure efficiency and effectiveness as you form a solid foundation of structure to build on. How do you begin?

Rhonda targets every area in the practice for a “REAL” picture of it’s condition and potential. It is a tactical transformational approach to go the distance! She gets RESULTS that are sustainable even NOW! Rhonda brings extraordinary expertise to dentistry and dentists for practice development from start-ups to seasoned practices by providing:

  • Clinical Aptitudes Development Coaching
  • Managerial Solutions and Development
  • Cultural Philosophy Transformation
  • Dept. Leadership/Accountable Development
  • Financial Profitability Strategies
  • Transitional Strategies
  • Branding Insistence/Marketing Strategies
  • New Practice Development Support/Design/Solutions

Our guarantee, you will get out of this the degree you invest in it! Email Rhonda for a complimentary call that produces results today!

Mike Difrisco“Rhonda is a dynamic leader who knows how to balance strategic thinking with the real-world street smarts to execute tactically. Wish I could bottle her passion and enthusiasm.”

Michael DiFrisco - Director of Membership & Marketing
American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

5 Solutions to Transform Your Practice

Virtual Practice Analysis (CVPA)

Many dentists know the stats of their practices, but don’t know how to begin to fine tune or focus to lower stress, overhead or patient demands… we can SHOW THEM how and SHOW THEM the MONEY in RESULTS!

Benefit: Learn the TOP 10 “DO-IT-NOW” Coaching Solutions to make immediate shifts!

One Year Strategic Practice Assessment Consult (SPAC)

Minimize Overhead, Maximize Profitability
The SPAC program is the most comprehensive, efficient and effective way to integrate and transform the culture and financial results for your practice.

Benefit: Total practice transformation through team & system restructuring = Increased Profitability

One & Two Day “Think Tank” Events

The best way to retain and sustain the systems and structure following the SPAC PROGRAM or as a focused stand alone event for departments, team building or solution finding. These are custom designed training sessions onsite in your office.

Benefit: Now that you have the tools and the knowledge, learn how to keep the momentum going.

Solopreneur vs. Young Dentist – Dr. Biz Plan from the Start!

Build your practice “right” from the beginning. Rhonda will assist you in putting together a tactical strategic approach that will allow you to not only start out on the right path but to continuously improve throughout your short and long term success in the life cycle of your practice.

Benefit: Gain the knowledge, understanding of tactical and strategies for a successful practice.

Empire Building

Independent Large Group Dentist-Owned, 1-30 million.

Benefit: Learn how to go from Dentist to CEO.

Request a Consultation

Would a dental practice consultant be a wise investment?

Your practice may have more potential than you ever imagined, and the right dental consultant can help you capture and maximize that potential. Planning not only for today, but for years down the road is just smart business.

I want to invite you to complete this virtual assessment. It will reveal just a few of the essential areas of practice management that I cover with my clients throughout a consulting relationship. We delve into important, often overlooked, issues that significantly affect practice success – for better or for worse.