Virtual Assessment & Coaching

This 9 month plan was designed for practices that demonstrated a level of stability, in their leadership, and productivity. It is a tweaking plan, to give you the “EDGE” again and keep everyone and everything healthy.

This VIRTUAL ASSESSMENT & COACHING plan targets these areas of the practice:






From the results of our VIRTUAL ASSESSMENT, we will obtain a clear picture of the DNA of your business/practice and the real potential it possesses. More importantly, we will design how you want to practice from NOW ON! Your customized RESULTS and ACTION PLAN will contain strategies and a formula designed just for you! They will be agreed upon at the time of our engagement for clarity of direction, and for efficient and effective COACHING Rhonda offers. Value in this type consulting service allows Rhonda to “provide more for less”.

The benefits are transformational as with Rhonda’s onsite assessment & consulting plans.

The first 6 months are spent on focused coaching and training support with Rhonda. The second 6 months is a time to explore new value added services in each department and to challenge the team to think and compete as leaders in your practice. This is done through participation in our “C4 YOURSELF®” Online Circle, once a month focused team coaching sessions.

What you’ll get:

  • Connector.

    Complete Virtual Assessment Action Plan

  • Connector.

    Dynamic Monthly Coaching for you and your team

  • Connector.

    Option to Add On-site Visits for "NOW" Momentum*

  • Connector.

    Email Support - Weekly Inspiring Optimum Outcome Thinking Tips. (Morning Meeting Focuses)

*The “NOW” momentum is a three (3) Day onsite event

  • (½) day of observation/strategic planning day for change models
  • (½) day Consultation with Doctor Only
  • (1) day team workshop: Case Acceptance, Communications, Enrollment
  • (1) day hands-on with patients: Workshop Integration

All of Rhonda’s travel expenses are inclusive at the time of Contract Agreement.


To learn more or to schedule a complimentary “NOW ASK RHONDA” call to see if this program is for you, email Rhonda or call: 470.344.5990